What is Joomla? Joomla for Dummies

What is Joomla? Joomla for Dummies

Are you new to Joomla!
Are toy wondering what Joomla! is?
Every wanted your own website but don’t want to pay a web designer to make updates?

Then consider Joomla! to be your CMS of choice to develop and update your own website!

Joomla! is a content management system, or CMS for short, it allows you to produce your own website quick and easily and best of all it is free to use!

Joomla! is part of the open source community, it is developed by a growing body of people dedicated to producing open source software which you and I can use and adapt. That is the best part of open source software, know anything about PHP or MySQL, then you can dive into the code and start adapting the core code yourself.

Like other CMS, WordPress for example, there are thousands of extensions available, most free or some require payments, these allow the core Joomla! code to be extended, allowing for the basic Joomla! site to become a property site, or commerce shop, or intranet or blog, or whatever you require. You can ever write your own extensions, add them to your site or submit them to the Joomla! Extensions directory for others to use.

Fancy your site being in red or blue, perhaps two column layout or maybe three, the Joomla! layout can easily be changed to suit your own design, you can even produce designs in Photoshop and then adapt the Joomla! code to suite your new design. Don’t have time to create a design, no problem, there are thousands of ready-made templates available that are easily to install and provide you with a ready made site in literally seconds!

Joomla is a large program and does take a little time to learn, but don’t be put off, keep climbing up the learning curve and you will quickly see just how extendable Joomla! can be and how quickly simple or even complex sites can be created.

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