Website Management, manage your website or die!

Website Management, manage your website or die!

Yes, I know, I hear you, “Website Management, manage your website or die! Wow, that is a strong blog post title” you are thinking and why would I say something like that, why would I alarm you, why do I think manage your website or die?

Well I have met far too many business owners whose website is floundering down the search result pages with old content, broken links or even missing pages. Too many website owners believe that once a site is live then “bye bye” to the web designer and lets see the money flowing in! Well it simply isn’t going to happen, sorry to say it, I know we web designers have just made you a beautiful website, but if you don’t plan the ongoing maintenance, content generation, social media strategy or online marketing, then your site is going to slowly die a sad death.

Visitors will come to your site in expectation of finding something wonderful, a service that can help them grow, content that can solve a problem, or are just looking for that one person local or can advise them, but if your site has old information, perhaps dated a year ago, or the customer finds broken links or slow page loads, then “bye bye” they are off to your competition!

Simply leaving your site to your office employees, or I should say, inexperience web people in office, won’t help, they may not excel in all things web, they might be brilliant salespeople or administrators, but if they are not continually monitoring the web for the latest technologies, or learning new strategies to develop your online marketing, or simply not able to correct spelling mistakes on your website, then “bye bye”, your potential customers are off to your competition!

It’s not simple enough to have a website, for your site to continually work it needs to be managed, updated and optimised on an ongoing basis, new content needs to be added or updated and errors need to be fixed, this is what Celtic Web Design can provide.

Manage or die – so now you see why the title!

Celtic Web Design provides a key service to help monitor and analyse your site, for only £200 pounds per month we will provide you with up to 8 hours of changes or 2 new pages per month! You will also receive:

  • Test and fix any functionality issues,
  • Continuous SEO optimisation as well as local SEO,
  • Search Engine monitoring,
  • Online marketing advice,
  • Google Analytics analysis,
  • Monthly meetings online or in person,
  • Hosting and domain renewal monitoring,
  • Social media optimisation advice,
  • Continuous keyword analysis.

Celtic Web Design would take responsibility for the day to day management of your website and deal with any hosting, domain or email issues, we will also keep backups of your site and make sure you always have a fresh live site incase anything goes wrong.

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