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Adobe Contribute CMSAdobe Contribute is a software platform for web publishing and website management that integrates creation, editing, and publishing in an easy-to-use text editor.

With the user friendly dual purpose software of Adobe Contribute you can manage your website content from your own computer, giving you the ability to edit pages / text / photographs / services / products and all without the need of a web designer. You can even add new pages or delete old pages.

Simple Editor
If you have used Microsoft Word, then you can use Adobe Contribute! The ability to create and edit content is based around the same editor interface, so select and highlight, then format any text you want in to the style you require. Add a link or a photo, remove text or change a colour all through the editor window, then save and upload to publish your new content live.

Stand-alone software platform
Unlike the open source platforms of WordPress or Joomla, Contribute is a software product that is installed on to your computer, this increases the security of the site as only you have access to edit the site.
Simple to install and site connection setup is just a click of an icon as here at Celtic Web Design, we will setup the site for access by Contribute and then provide you with the connection key, you click and then start editing!

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Adobe Contribute CMS is available as an add-on to any all-inclusive package website.
Adobe Contribute software is a separate purchase available through the Adobe website.

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