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CushyCMSSimple is not the word for CushyCMS, a child would be a master of CushyCMS in no time at all!

CushyCMS is a third party content management system, free to use and simple to operate, just login to the CushyCMS website to securely edit the content on your own site, then click to save and the content is now live on your website.
No need to install any software, all access to the system is through the CushyCMS website, so you can edit your content on an computer anywhere in the world.

Editable regions
CushyCMS works by first recognising the editable regions of a page, Cushy then takes care of the rest. Automagically handling text, html and images.

Fast editing
Once logged into the CushyCMS website, you can edit any editable areas of your pages through a simple to use editor window.

Easy to use
No programming required and no server requirements. If you can use a word processor, you can use CushyCMS.

Learn more about CushyCMS.

CushyCMS is available as an add-on to any all-inclusive package website.
CushyCMS is a third-party system, changes to their Terms & Conditions can occur at anytime.

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