New Shopify website for Villancher Fashion Jewellery

New Shopify website for Villancher Fashion Jewellery

Today is a great day as we are proud to announce the new Shopify website look for the Villancher Fashion Jewellery, a boutique destination for individual, contemporary and affordable fashion jewellery!

Villancher came to us seeking to improve the look of their existing shopify site, helping to showcase their fantastic jewellery and streamline the customer experience. Coming from their existing site where pages lacked consistency and cohesion, Celtic Web Design jumped at the opportunity to work with Villancher and the new Shopify website eccommerce system.

Villancher provides new fashion jewellery from the designers: Moon°C, J9TwoFive, Pranella and Tutti&Co.

Shopify Ecommerce

Working with Shopify is a delight, it is a hosted ecommerce platform where all payment processing and security is handled by Shopify themselves, a great API and a large developer community means developing with shopify is simple with lots of help at hand.

Making HTML updates using the new Shopify App means changes are done quickly and results can be viewed immediately without the need for adjusting theme code through the Shopify admin console.

Check out the updated Villancher Fashion Jewellery Shopify website.