10 years in the making! The new Celtic Web Design site

10 years in the making! The new Celtic Web Design site

10 years in the making, the new site is now finally live!

Well not really 10 years, but it has been that long since I fully remade my website, so we could say 10 years of experience in the making of the new site!

Over those years have things changed, when I first started in web design, everyone was using html 4, since then XHTML has come around, CSS has developed into a great styling system and now HTML5 is knocking on the door. I even remember when JavaScript was considered an ugly scripting language for the web, well that has certainly changed with the advent of jQuery and API’s.

As a web designer, always working on client websites, finding time to develop one own site was hard, like a decorator always painting other peoples homes and not their own, there was never enough hours in the day to develop my own site. But now working as a full time freelancer it is vitally important to have a modern and technically advanced website to not only showcase new projects but also to display skill sets and to work as its very own CV.

Which CMS to use?

Over the past few years I have been working more and more with the Joomla! CMS, I love it, great for making both simple and complex websites and I always advise my clients to use it within their projects, so why have I used WordPress with my own site?
The answer for this comes from the ease of use that WordPress gives the developer for creating sites and the administrator for managing the sites. I also needed a system that incorporates responsive web design as I now wish integrate a mobile strategy into all new websites that I create.

Many of the Joomla sites that I have created have pre-built mobile templates (thanks to Gavick!) and while these do provide an excellent solution to a mobile strategy they do require a doubling of work in both making the desktop site and adapting it for the mobile site. To reduce this extra workload I spent some time researching possible responsive web design templates.

While many of the Joomla template developers are starting to incorporate responsive web design technique into their templates, in my opinion, much as they are good, these templates are not at the same level as many of the WordPress responsive web design templates. While I do believe that the gap between the two will narrow in the near future, nothing akin to the WordPress templates that I have found is so far available for Joomla.

What do I hope to achieve?

As more people are using mobile devices to access the web and to a growing extent the web is moving away from standard computers and monitors, it is becoming increasingly necessary to build sites that can work on multiple devices both large and small, so from internet capable TVs to smartphones it is important for a single website (One Web) to adapt to fit the medium that the visitor is using. So my primarily aim for the site, apart from a general update, is to incorporate the best new technologies and techniques to provide a single site capable of being viewed on multiple devices and provide the viewer with the best possible user experience.

This is not the end, there is more to come, new pages and new facilities soon to be added, so this is just the end of the beginning!